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  • Lisa Simone Richards

    Lisa Simone Richards

    PR & Visibility Strategist helping entrepreneurs stand out and get seen as experts. Find out how to go from invisible to influencer: http://bit.ly/2GgIrGE

  • Jessica Zamojc

    Jessica Zamojc

  • Blair Imani

    Blair Imani

    Co-host of @AmericaDidWhat ?! with @katerobards . Public Historian & Author of #MakingOurWayHome & @modernherstory . She/Her. Contact via mariel@blairimani.com

  • Garry Seto

    Garry Seto

  • Dominic Nguyen

    Dominic Nguyen

    Design at Chroma & Storybook — prev Apollo GraphQL, Meteor

  • Bob Vaez

    Bob Vaez

  • Peggy Rayzis

    Peggy Rayzis

    Engineering Manager, Apollo

  • Hamid Abdollahi

    Hamid Abdollahi

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